Darling Angel Pin Creations

by Elsie Braun
(Minneapolis, MN)

I want to warn everybody about these rip off scammers.

My daughter was laid off about 8 months ago and she hadn't been able to find a job. She was desperate for money and she's a single mom with two little kids so when she heard she could make money assembling angel pins at home she jumped on the chance. She paid $40 (I lent it to her) for a starter kit and she was supposed to be able to make about $500 a week. She is really good at handicrafts and does beautiful work so it seemed to be perfect opportunity. The catch was that she needed to send them a pin to have it approved before she could start making money.

When she sent hers in, they rejected it saying it wasn't up to the quality standards. She couldn't believe it, so she started searching for information about the 'opportunity' online.

It quickly became obvious that she'd been screwed - they never intended to have pins made, they just wanted the starter kit money from people.

Fortunately, she found a good job and she's put it behind her as just another learning experience, but at the time she was devastated. How do people like that sleep at night?

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