Using Home Parties to Build Your Networking Opportunity

If you're attracted to network marketing because you love the idea of getting together with 'the girls', having a great time playing games, and getting the opportunity to share your passion about your product with friends, using social gatherings and hotel presentations to build your business is right up your alley.

Some direct selling/MLM companies structure their entire marketing programs around holding home parties; others don't promote them at all. For examples, Melaleuca, Avon and The Trump Network don't even include the home party in their business development models.

Use the company's training materials as your best indication - if your first assignment is to make a list of everybody you know, that's an indication it's likely that using the home party model to develop your business may be essential.

Your personality is key - if you're outgoing, have lots of friends and contacts, and enjoy getting up in front of a group, the home party can be a boon to your business.

If you decide that including the parties and hotel presentations in your marketing strategy is for you, preparation is critical to success.

First, do your homework. Make sure you're well-acquainted with your company's policies and marketing practices; this information is likely included in your start-up kit but you may need to ask specific questions to clarify the do's and don'ts, especially policies with regard marketing online. Make a list of questions for your upline and if they can't give you the info, contact the corporate office for answers to your questions. You need to be clear about these basics before you're ready to sell products and promote the business opportunity.

Not Up Your Alley?

If you decide that home parties aren't your thing, your best option may be to build your business online....but if that's not right for you, here are some other ways to go:

1. Network with other businesses - join your local Chamber of Commerce and make sure to attend the meetings. Seek out other local networking groups, as well. Depending on the size of your city or town, you may be able to find many networking groups that may be tailored for general business development or are industry-specific. Be aware, however, that you may put a lot of effort into trying to sell to others whose main motivation is to SELL TO YOU.

2. Spread the word about your business to everybody you know - don't make the assumption that they are already aware of your business or that they aren't interested in your product. You may be amazed how many people are eager to purchase your product - YOU'LL NEVER KNOW UNLESS YOU ASK!

3. Use online and off-line classified advertising - it's usually cheap and can be very effective. Just make sure you're consistent. If you just place an ad or two, you may be setting up your competition to make the sale when your prospect finally decides to buy.

4. Circulate door hangers and use local bulletin boards to post flyers - some people will find it especially appealing to have the opportunity to do business with somebody 'in the neighborhood'.

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