Marketing Your Work From Home Business

Starting a work-from-home business is different from growing one - if you don't know how to market yourself, you'll never get your business off the ground.

I've put together a 6-part action plan; if you adopt these simple strategies, you'll be on your way to discovering how satisfying your work-from-home business decision can be.

1. Create a professional website. It is vitally important to have an attractive, appealing, and well-functioning site that showcases your talent, skills, and service offering. Effective online marketing is the most cost-effective marketing opportunity you have.

2. Create an Online Portfolio. If you provide admin or creative services, build and maintain an online portfolio of your work so that prospective clients have rock-solid proof of your potential value to them.

3. Network with Local Businesses. Don't hide in your home office! Get out and meet fellow business people at networking events - the exposure is good for your business AND the social outing is good for you.

4. Research Your Prospective Clients Intensively. When possible, learn all you can about a business prospect before you make that first contact - an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of promotion.

5. Use the phone. Make advance calls to set up appointments to introduce yourself and your company to prospective customers/clients. The fear of making introductions is a critical weakness in the marketing efforts of most work from home businesses. Put a confident foot forward and your prospective customers will buy into your enthusiasm - they'll want to meet you and get to know more about what you do.

6. Advertise in local classifieds (on and offline). Consistency is key. Choose your media, then keep your message constant and fresh. Remember that most people don't respond to a message until they've seen it several (even numerous) times.

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