Creating a Profitable Home Business - Boost your Home Business Productivity

Building a Profitable Home Business - Squeeze out More Time for Your Business

Building a profitable home business....

It's a big challenge, especially if you're juggling a 'day job' and family.

Here are 6 business time stretching productivity tips designed to shrink time devoted to your to-do list so you more time to spend on the important work (building your profitable home business).

Time-stretcher #1: Prioritize:

Be objective about the importance of the items on your to-do list. Ask yourself, "What would happen if I don't do this? What would be the consequences if I don't tackle it today...this week...this month, or ever?" You'll probably come to the conclusion that your list can be streamlined, maybe significantly.

Once you've evaluated the importance of the items on your list and stripped out any that can be put off or eliminated, it's time to prioritize.

What works for me? I prioritize into three categories:

A (must be done today - these items should be pushed to the top of the list)

B (can carry over to tomorrow - these should come next on the list)

C (should be done but isn't time-sensitive - these go down to the bottom)

If a 'C' item carries over for more than a week, I take a hard look at it to decide if I can cut it altogether.

Time-stretcher #2: Turn off your email notification!

Every time you hear that little new message 'ding', it interrupts your thoughts, increases your sense of pressure, hurts your productivity, and works against building your profitable home business.

Instead, schedule specific times to check your Inbox: morning, afternoon and before quitting time. Again, it's important to prioritize. If it's important, respond immediately to get it out of the way, otherwise ignore it. (If somebody REALLY needs you, they'll pick up the phone.)

Time-stretcher #3: Schedule "surfing" times

Online browsing is right up there with email as a huge distraction; schedule limited time for browsing and set an alarm to signal when it's time to get back to work.

Time-stretcher #4: Put your TV on a diet

Schedule limited time in front of the tube - pick a favorite show to enjoy, then get on with something else. (Pre-record, if you can so that can slot it into a convenient time and fast forward through the commercials - you'll save an extra 15 minutes per hour.) If you love watching TV or movies, set productivity milestones and when you reach one, treat yourself to an afternoon or evening devoted to nothing else.

Time-stretcher #5: Make your "slack time" work for you

Using bus or train time, waiting-in-line time, and time holding on the phone to best use will boost productivity. Keep reading materials and a notepad and pen handy to jot notes.

Time-stretcher #6: Cut your lunch time in half

If you get an hour for lunch at your day job, use 30 minutes to work on your business. While half an hour might not seem like much, it adds up (you're looking at 10 hours a month). It's all about planning. Take an hour on the weekend to map out 'best time use' strategies to maximize lunch hour effectiveness. If you have a clear plan for what you want to accomplish and you're prepared to jump in, you can accomplish a lot in 30 minutes. Better yet, pack your lunch and eat at your desk so you don't waste valuable time going to the cafeteria.

So there you have it, my "time-stretcher" productivity tips to help squeeze more time out of your day and build a profitable home business - all simple and easy to implement. Follow them faithfully and you'll add tons of time to focus on growing a profitable home business.

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