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Affiliate Marketing is a web-based marketing strategy where a merchant business rewards an affiliate company (you) for driving your site visitors to the merchant's site. Depending on the program, the reward might be triggered by as little as a link click (pay-per-click) - sometimes it requires that the visitor sign up for a program or makes a purchase.

In a nutshell, it's a way for you to make money by passively promoting a merchant's products simply by referring people to the designated site. The product merchant looks after the customer, closes the sale, and pays you as the affiliate.

The structure is composed of three essential parties, though other secondary layers, i.e., affiliate management agencies are commonly introduced into the mix:

1. The merchant (also referred to as the ‘brand’ or ‘retailer’)

2. The affiliate (also known as the ‘publisher’)

3. The customer

If you decide to go for it, here's the starting game plan:

1. Choose your niche. -

First choose the type of products and services you want to promote - make your choice on the basis of what will interest your visitors.

2. Sign up for the affiliate program for appropriate marketers. - There are tons to choose from – concentrate on quality products and a good compensation plan.

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