Is a Home Business Right for You?

"Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out."

- James B. Conant (1893-1978)

Do you loathe your commute? Hate your boss?

Have you had enough of the rat race?

I Want to Help

If you are serious about creating your own home business, I am serious about sharing my experience and providing the essential tools you need.

These days, having a home business (either as your primary income or to help support your family) is SO IMPORTANT.

It would be my honor to share your journey and to see you achieve your dreams.

So, let's get started!Starting with the basics....

Your Work Ethic

With no boss looking over your shoulder to keep you on track, and personal distractions all around you, the only way to succeed in working at home is a combination of planning and discipline – planning to use your time to best advantage, discipline to stick to your plan. Your self-discipline will include doing what you need to do to grow your home business plus not doing the things you know your shouldn’t: overeating when just a few feet separate you from the refrigerator all day, not planting yourself in front of the TV all afternoon, and not taking a nap when the afternoon slump hits.

Your Character and Personality - Key Considerations

Ask yourself:

How's your tolerance for risk? How much do you enjoy the relative security of a steady (if static) paycheck?

Are you content behind a desk with a supervisor directing your efforts? Or do you savor the vision of a home business that supports financial security, freedom, and the lifestyle you dream about?

Do you crave peace and quiet? Love time alone? Or is your favorite part of the work day gathering around the water cooler comparing notes on last night's American Idol episode?

Do you find that your time alone recharges your batteries and that sometimes you choose staying home over going out with friends? If that's you, you've got a leg up.

Are you’re energized by lots of communication with others? How much would you miss contact with colleagues - people who understand the challenges of the work you're doing. How much would you miss the intellectual stimulation of having a support network you can turn to for advice in handling problems.

How's you level of self-confidence? You’ll need high scores in self-confidence and courage: self-confidence to live life without a steady pay check and courage to deal with rejection and letting go of the safety net of corporate routine.

Are you ready to be the boss? Are you able to work independently - really? Working solo, you'll lose a lot of resources you may have taken for granted. Gone is the specialist to fix your computer problem; there'll be nobody to pick up the slack if you're behind in your invoicing.

Do you have the drive, tenacity, and perseverance to see a business through from germination to full, glorious bloom?

Are you able to invest the time necessary to nurture a business of your own?

Are you able to withstand the negative opinions and comments you’ll get from friends and family (maybe jealous ex-coworkers?) who may mean well but can't understand your drive to do better? Lastly, if you are reticent to "admit" you have a home-based business, you probably aren't well-suited for this kind of life.

Do you have a financial safety net?

Do you have the knowledge and skill set to perform the necessary tasks? If not, are you willing to learn? If not, are you able to out-source?

If you have children, do you have childcare covered?

Will your physical environment support both your family and operating a business?

Are there restrictions or licensing requirements that need to be met for operating a home business in your area?

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