I Found the BEST Personality Test for Home Business Aptitude

The Best Personality Test to Determine if a Home Business is Right for You

If you're like me, you're fascinated to learn more about your personality, your character, and what kind of work would be the best fit.

There are lots of online tests in the field - I've done most of them in my research to learn which one(s) are best. It was important to me to be confident about any recommendations I would be making.

What I learned is that some personality tests are more useful than others, and that some are downright dangerously misleading. My search brought me to the The Self Employment Key by Lawrence K. Jones, Ph.D.

The Holland Theory

The Career Key S-E test is based on John Holland's theory of work-related behavior – such as, which career choices are likely to lead to business or job success and satisfaction. It also explains other human actions, like success and satisfaction in school and training programs. It is the best known and most widely researched theory on this topic and is used by most career counselors.

Understanding Holland’s theory will help you make good choices – decisions about which self-employment opportunities, occupations, majors, or training programs are the best fit for you.



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