Don't Pay to Take Surveys

by Mandy Cooke
(Calgary, AB, Canada)

I made the mistake of paying a membership fee at one of those paid survey sites like and If you're considering doing this, listen up I'll tell you how they work.

These sites make it look like they'll send you all the paying surveys you can handle, when in reality all they do is send you a list of companies that send you surveys and pay you compensation for your time. Once you pay your membership fee you then have to browse through the list and sign up with the survey sites that interest you - then you wait for invitations to be emailed to you. The number of surveys you qualify for depends mainly on your demographics - your won't receive a survey unless you match the profile of the market research target.

Getting paid to take surveys is real and it does work but don't go into it expecting to get rich, it's just a way to make some extra spending money.

The main thing is that you should never pay any site to take surveys. All you will get for your money is information which can be found for free all over the internet. For example, check out to get details on more than 500 legitimate survey companies.

I hope I have been of some help in explain how paid surveys work.

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