UMG Money Ahead

by Andy Richie
(Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)

I was going through my bank acct. statement and it wasn't balancing out. I found two separate charges of $11.99 each a month apart. I didn't recognize these charges so I called my bank to notify them of the discrepancy and the fact that these weren't my charges.

On my statement the charges were from UMG Money Ahead. I Googled them and it took me to a site called My Three Cents where I found letter after letter of complaints from people that had the same thing happen to them and most of them said that they hadn't ordered anything online, over the phone, or gave out their card numbers either. I don't know how they're getting people's personal information.

Most said that when they had contacted the company to get their money back they were told that it would be put back into their acct.'s but for the most part the majority said that this didn't happened either, and by the consensus this has been going on for some time now.

How is this company getting away with this, it's so blantly illegal it's ridiculous?

And yet nobody seems to be able to stop them. They keep the amounts small so that the average person probably won't notice.

I cancelled my bank account and opened a new one. Hopefully they won't hack into that one too.

I just want to give everybody a heads up to check their bank and credit card statements every month. I think these crooks are making a ton of money and getting away with it because so many people don't check.

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